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Monday, March 31st, 7:30 PM

I return from the truth


Adaptation of the play « Who will carry the word? »

The 2013 French National Celebration commemorates the 100th birthday of the author, playwright and member of the Resistance, Charlotte Delbo (1913-1985).

The silhouettes of three actresses in an immaculate circle, shadows of women in a concentration camp of Auschwitz. In the dense and luminous language of Charlotte, they tell the story of tragedy, but also the miracles of solidarity. Charlotte Delbo recounts history through a testimony devoid of hate and rich in hope. The emotions are restrained, full of intensity; the words, expressed from the heart with beauty and truth.

Trailers of the show:

Tickets online or at the door ($15/$10) : Brown Paper Tickets

"A Must See Performance!"
FRANCE INTER, French Public Broadcasting

"Prospero Miranda Theatre Company pays a magnificent tribute to Charlotte Delbo. Being a woman of the theatre, she would have loved the sobriety of the staging as well as the incredible performances by the talented actresses. They form a sensitive and moving setting to a harsh and deeply moving text. We are not in Auschwitz any more but rather in all the places in world where men and women are denied of their humanity. "
Violaine Gelly and Paul Gradvohl Biographers of Charlotte Delbo

“A moving play, brilliantly performed.” / “Amazing. Thank you!” / “Kudos to all for your interpretation, your presence, and the meaning that everyone gave to this play.” / “Thank you on behalf of their memories.” / “Kudos to you for this wonderful interpretation that gave us tears and shivers till the end… Congratulations and thank you.” / “Magnificent work. Enlightenment of the day. Thank you for your talent, Thank you for your success in putting together the unthinkable.” / “One more time, a play that strengthens in me the view that there is nothing more powerful than Theater, and that silence, gestures, and expressions replace so many a words. Thank you very much.”
Audience’s comments (January 2012)