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Friday September 22, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Atelier-Théâtre-Actuel presents

A 2016 MOLIÈRE award of the best performance by an independent theater

The Knights

Based on Joseph Kessel’s famous novel

Directed by: Eric Bouvron and Anne Bourgeois

With Eric Bouvron, Benjamin Penamaria, Maïa Guérittenet on sound, and Khalid playing live music

Original music: Khalid K

Lighting Concept: Stéphane Baquet

Costumes: Sarah Colas

Direction assistant: Gaëlle Billaut-Danno

Duration: 90 minutes, no intermission

Play in French, kids welcome

Standard price: $25

The Play

Young and proud Ouroz takes part in Afghanistan’s most important tournament, the King’s Bouzkachi. It is a very violent sport for knights with no holds barred! But Ouroz fails, falls from the horse and breaks his leg. Now, he must return home to his remote province and face his father, Great Toursène, a former champion of this cruel game, who heralds the family’s pride and glory. Here begins for Ouroz a long and hazardous travel of initiation. With him are his faithful servant Mokkhi and his magnificent but crazy horse Jehol. Together they will meet most extraordinary people and wander through places of extreme>
Eric Bouvron, fascinated by this epic novel taking place in the Afghan steppes, decided to adapt Kessel’s masterpiece for the theater. This author, a curious and indomitable traveler lived his life with enthusiasm and passion. His charm, humor and extraordinary adventures made him an essential writer.

What the press says

"Kessel’s Knights, easy as child’s play" Le Figaro

"An adaptation of the novel taking place in Afghanistan. Unforgettable!" Le Point

"A great human adventure" Le Figaro Magazine

"We love it" Télérama

"The ultimate ride" Le Dauphiné

"This adaptation of The Knights is a pearl" L'Express

"The actors are just tremendous" Figaroscope

"An immediate adventure, an initiatory tale" Le Télégramme

"Gallop with no delay at breakneck speed toward The Knights." La Marseillaise

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