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Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco

On December 8, 9 and 10 at 7:30 PM

The Company La D-Boussole presents

A winter wedding

A comedy by Hanokh Levin

Director: Frédéric Patto
Staging assistant: Nancy Saussac
Decor: Frédéric Patto
Lighting: Joseph Amic-Angelo
Sound: Xavier Merono
Photography: Wladymir Hermoso

With Nancy Saussac, Delphine Liénard, Yvette Adida, Catherine Sullivan, Hélène Flurin, Julia Caillès, Mathis Orand, Thomas Marigne, Emmanuel Battut, Grégory Galin, Gilbert Amar and Lionel Rougé

Duration: 80 minutes

Play in French, children older than 10 welcome

Standard price: online $15, at the door $20

Online tickets: Click here to buy tickets

The play

The agonizing mother is expiring. At her bedside, the son comforts her, there will be a good crowd at her funeral. She contests: « they will not leave a well-heated reception room with meats and cognac, for a cemetery in the rain with an old lady and Death. » As a matter of fact, the mother’s burial falls on the same day as Vélvétsia’s wedding. A wedding or a funeral, family members and in-laws have to choose. All flee the cousin bringing the bad news, avoiding hearing the information, not to have to postpone the wedding. All run, fly and sing. They move from a beach in the rain to the slippery tiles of a roof. They zigzag between the apparitions of a death angel, who causes death as easily as one’s farts. Exhausted after climbing the slopes covered with snows of Tibetan mountains, one of the protagonists grunts: « When God finally grants someone a wedding, He can’t help, on the same occasion, to throw a funeral at him as well!

The Company

The Theater company La D- Boussole was created in 1992 and features professional and non-professional actors. It is the company in-residence of the TLF- Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco. It offers, all year long, the production of a play, and since January 2012, a performance of café-théâtre every first Monday of the month at the Blush! Wine Bar.

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