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Friday February 17 at 7:30 PM

ACME Production presents


The Holder of History

Text and direction by Alexis Michalik

Duration: 90 minutes, no intermission

Play in French, kids over 12 welcome

Standard price: $25

The Play

Literary serie à la Dumas. The Holder of History invites us to listen to a story, stories, read History again, our History, and to travel, simply, through time and space with 5 actors, 5 stools, a bare stage, 2 racks loaded with costumes, and the unlimited power of our imagination. On a rainy night, in the Ardennes, Martin Martin attends his father’s funeral. He is far from imagining then that the discovery of a hand written notebook will take him to a dizzying quest through History and continents. 15 years later, in the heart of the Algerian desert, a mother and daughter mysteriously disappear. They were led by the tale of an unknown man to look for books bearing the stamp of a bizarre chalice, and for a colossal treasure, accumulated through times by a legendary secret society.

What the press says

"Defying boredom" TELERAMA

"A delicious moment of poetry" POINT DE VUE

"Brilliant, breathtaking, a major achievement" LE CANARD ENCHAINE

"In short: amazingly good" L'EXPRESS

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