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Friday, January 15 at 8 :00 PM

JMD production presents

Pierre Richard III

Written by Christophe Duthuron and Pierre Richard

Director: Christophe Duthuron
Assistant director: Romuald Borys
Staging: Anne Gayan
Lighting: Carlo Varini
Sound effects: Wojtek Kulpinski
Stage management: Benjamin Dachy et Sebastien Carle

With Pierre Richard

Duration: 90 minutes

In French, children 7 and older welcome

Standard ticket: $35

The play

Typical absent-minded guy, clumsy, a sweet clown, Pierre Richard humorously shares, on stage, the most delightful moments of his life as an artist: film extracts, memories… He dances between images of the past, inhabited by friends and acquaintances, and his recent memories. He speaks of Carmet, Depardieu, Yves Robert, Mireille Darc, Gérard Oury, Francis Veber… He mentions his movies La Chèvre (The Goat), Le Grand Blond (The Tall Blond Man), Les Malheurs d’Alfred (Alfred’s Mishaps), Les Fugitifs (The Fugitives), Alexandre Le Bienheureux (Alexandre, The Lucky Guy) Le coup du parapluie (The Umbrella’s Trick), Le Distrait (The Absent-Minded Guy)… He tells of his encounters, accidents, blunders, dreams, and nightmares. And of the time he has left, to enjoy with urgency.

The audience is captivated throughout, torn between laughter and tears.

At 78, Pierre Richard plays and juggles with pure fantasy and unveiled truth.

Between laughter and tears, he tells a privileged audience, 1,000 adventures revealing them according to his whims.

A funny, tender performance

The press says:

"With generosity and humor, « the tall blond guy » recounts anecdotes and memories for our greatest pleasure. " TELERAMA

"Tender and fun! A wonderful moment in the company of this brilliant actor" LE PARISIEN 

“The audience is captivated throughout, torn between laughter and tears.” PARISCOPE

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